Sammy & Bella and a great Fathers Day Recipe

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MKR Winner's Sammy & Bella - exclusive Sammy Q&A and Fathers Day Recipe

Sammy & Bella

25 August 2017: My Kitchen Rules winners Sammy and Bella Jakubiak grew up eating their dad’s freshly caught wild hare and deer, thinking it was completely normal.

The Polish-Aussie sisters from Sydney won the 2011 series of MKR with their proud home cooking, influenced by their grandmother Ursula, who cooked for politicians including Bill Clinton back home in Poland. 

The girls have run with their new career in food since their win - starting their own blog and boutique catering business, gaining regular spots on TV, numerous endorsement deals and are planning their own cooking show, Kitchen Rescue. 

They’ve also opened Sammy’s Burger Bar, a pop-up shop - the results of years of Sammy diligently taste-testing her food obsession worldwide. 

Here, the 33-year-old tells of her greatest food adventures ahead of her appearance with Bella, 28, and their dad, Wojtek Jakubiak, at the Taste of Coogee Food & Wine Festival on the Father’s Day weekend, and shares a loved recipe of her dad's...

How does your Polish heritage come through in your lifestyle?

We LOVE cooking traditional polish food but also giving it a modern twist too. We speak Polish, and we still eat dinner at 5pm like we did growing up!

What is your favourite food to eat?

We both love Schnitzel, and everyone in our family makes theirs a bit different so its always a competition

Talk us through your breakfast/lunch/dinner on a healthy day

Breakfast is a classic Aussie two eggs and avo on toast and maybe a side of polish sauerkraut

Lunch is a light seasonal salad, in summer we love cucumbers and tomato

Dinner always starts with a light soup and then roast meat with veggies

It's your last day on earth, sorry about that! What's on the menu?

BURGERS!!! Sammy's Burger Bar for a double beefy! 100%

What's the worst fight you and Bella have had in the kitchen?

The worst fight was probably during the grand final of MKR when we were running out of time and for our dessert Bella wanted to skip peeling pears to save time, but we fought for so long, wasting more time, as to peel or not to peel. I won the fight and peeled the pears myself. Id like to say that what won us the grand final! ;) Only kidding Bella hehe

Who's the boss?

Bella is the boss.

Your grandmother put on amazing feasts - what's the feeling that invoked?

Its in our blood to feed people. Our greatest pleasure is to make our family and friends fat with food. A big feast brings people together so it warms our hearts. 

You talk about smoked fish - what's the go there?

Our dad is a great cook, he hunts, cooks over the fire and smokes his own fish! He taught us as kids how to cure and smoke our own fish and meats. Its a very polish thing and tastes amazing to make it yourself.

We want a drink? What do you suggest?

Żubrówka Vodka for sure. Its a polish bison grass Vodka that tastes of cinnamon. Its great drunk

straight or made as a chamomile and apple martini.

Can we come over for dinner? We’re not joking.

Yes of course you can! Always a huge feast on Sunday afternoon where everyone gets together to cook a feast. 

Oh wait, we have tweens, what will you feed them?

The best way to feed kids of all ages to get them involved in the kitchen, explain the process and the flavours and get their hands dirty. Guarantee they will be eating what the adults have too!

Exclusive Father's Day Recipe - Dad’s Hot Smoked Salmon


2 sides of salmon or ocean trout, Deboned, skin on (approx 2.8kg)

2 tablespoons table salt

2 tablespoons sugar


Smoker kit

Woodchips or saw dust

Methylated spirits


1. Mix salt and sugar together, then rub mixture into fillets, wrap with cling film and space onto plate. Leave in fridge for 24 hr to cure.

2. Next day gently wash off sugar and salt from fish fillets. Pat dry with paper towel.

3. Prepare smoker outdoors on a fire safe surface like a BBQ or sand. Place wood chips/sawdust of your choice in hot smoker and light the flame to start wood chips smoking. On double level racks place fish skin side down on wire rack above wood and smoke for 20-25min. Try to keep the temperature inside as low as possible by venting hot air/smoke out. 

4. Once fish is smoked to your liking remove carefully and allow to cool in the fridge. Serve whole piece on a plate with lemon. Slice to desired thickness.