What to go Green but don't know where to start?

Jessica Kiely, Co-Founder & Chief at Wanderess Beauty

We all know that making the switch to a non-toxic, green lifestyle is good for our bodies and the planet... However knowing where to start - what brands to buy and what ingredients are harmful - can be daunting and confusing..... Luckily, the Wanderess Beauty Discovery box makes switching to natural and non-toxic beauty easy!
At Wanderess Beauty, we spend hours checking the toxicity, sustainability, and ethical nature of every ingredient, in every product featured in our boxes. Our discovery box saves the time and effort of searching for safe products, and ensures you peace of mind, knowing that everything in our box is good for the body and the planet.. .
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We all know that making the switch to a non-toxic, green lifestyle is good for our bodies and the planet... However knowing where to start - what brands to buy and what ingredients are harmful - can be daunting and confusing..... Luckily, we had a great chat to Jessica Kiely, Co-Founder & Chief at Wanderess Beauty and she gives us a great, easy breakdown of how to make switching to natural and non-toxic beauty easy!

When you see words like “natural”, “organic”, “green” or “pure” on any products from the supermarket to the chemist these days, what does that even mean?

Brands can use the word natural, organic, green and pure with no checks into their validity, as there are no laws around their use. Yep, that’s right. When you see these words it has nothing to do with whether that is true or not for that product. So, you can’t trust those words.

What about when you see green leaves, botanical imagery or mountains and lakes in the branding?

Again, it means nothing, and is purely being used to make you think it is natural.

There is a term for it. It is called GREENWASHING.

This is when a product and brand appear to be “green”, but when you dig a little deeper into their ingredients, ethics and overall values, they are far from it.

You have probably also seen words like SLS free, paraben free, sulphate free, cruelty free…..or even “chemical free”.

Well, if anything is “chemical free” it doesn’t actually exist!! We are all made up of chemicals. Water is made up of chemicals.

It is truly becoming a minefield to navigate purchasing just some shampoo, cleanser & blush these days.

Why is it important?

Every day we are exposed to a soup of synthetic, man-made chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the beauty products we use on our bodies.

Our bodies are not designed to process this level of toxic exposure, and it is accumulating in our bodies and showing up in many health problems from skin conditions, allergies, fertility issues, immune disorders and even cancer.

And all of this is happening without us even realising it, as you can’t see or feel these suspect ingredients.

What is green beauty?

It is about going natural and non-toxic with your beauty routines. Eliminating your exposure to the suspect ingredients found in mainstream and high-end beauty products. It is caring about what you are putting on your body, and its impact on your own health and the health of our planet.

How can you know if it is REALLY green?

You can get good at checking ingredients and deciding for yourself. This puts the control back in your hands, instead of just trusting what you see in the branding.

Turn your products around. Get curious. Do some research. There are many great apps and websites out there with a plethora information on products, brands, chemicals and certifications.

My Tips to Spotting Greenwashing:

  • Always turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients list. After a while you’ll be more familiar with natural and synthetic chemicals and able to decipher labels more quickly.

  • If there are no ingredients listed, or no ingredients on their website then be concerned and avoid.

  • Don’t be fooled by made-up official-looking “certification” symbols. Brands can make up their own and it can look like they are “certified” when they are not.

  • Use the CHEM MAZE app, Think Dirty app and Skin Deep Database to help your ingredient checking and research.

  • Get in contact with the brands and ask them questions! Ask them if they use palm oil. Ask them if the palm oil is sustainable. Ask them if ingredients are plant based or petroleum based. And if they don’t respond, then don’t purchase.

  • Get empowered with a Toxin-Free course so you feel more able to make smart decisions yourself.

    • At Wanderess Beauty we have a 7 week Safe Skin Essentials eCourse that is FREE and helps to build your skills of spotting greenwashing and discovering the transformation of wild and natural beauty. You can sign up anytime and start anytime. Contact me for your exclusive access Jessica@wanderessbeauty.com

    • We love and highly recommend the I Quit Chemicals eCourse with clinical practitioners Tabitha and Danielle at http://iquitchemicals.net/ that helps you Switch to Safer in 10 Simple Steps.

Are there any certifications to look for that I can trust?

Fortunately there are some certifications in Australia to look out for that can help guide you in the toward better, healthier purchasing decisions.

Image result for ACO

  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO): In order to qualify for this certification a 3 year rigourous auditing process is undertaken before they can be certified. After a yearly audit is undertaken to ensure businesses compile with standards.

  • COSMOS: Leading international cosmetic and raw material standardisation to stimulate processes for sustainable production and consumption.

  • NATRUE: provides consumers with a the guarantee that products are as natural as possible

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  • ECO CERT: Certification for environmentally friendly cosmetic products, for example made more renewable resources and manufactured in a environmentally friendly way.

  • Certified Cruelty Free: Also known as the leaping bunny, the main focus is on stopping animal cruelty in the cosmetic, toiletry and household products.

Now you know about greenwashing and the important reasons why we choose to use green beauty on ourselves and the environment. Make sure you read and understand ingredient lists, become familiar with the above certifications that can help with your purchasing decisions and remember the more natural, less ingredients probably the better for you and the planet.

How can Wanderess Beauty help you?

We inspire and simplify the process of switching to natural and green beauty with a step-by-step subscription program.

If you don’t have time to do all of this checking, because it does take time, then Wanderess can help. We do all of the ingredient checking, brand background checking and testing of performance of products. And only those that pass the test get featured in our subscription box.  No greenwashing here. You can join in at www.wanderessbeauty.com and subscribe to THE BOX.

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