Skate Now - Skateboarding lessons

Skate Now provide skateboarding lessons in a range of formats from one-on-one private lessons to large clinics for schools, vacation care and also community organisations. They also host skate parties.

Skate Now is a Sydney based skate school dedicated to teaching the techniques and joy of skateboarding.

They tailor their lessons to suit each student as every skater has their own strengths, challenges, aspirations etc. Absolute beginners are guided step-by-step through a sequence of stages that have been designed to help them grasp the fundamentals of skateboarding in a safe, easy way.

Lessons are held at local skate parks, sports centres and as they provide a mobile service, can also come to you. Skateboards, safety equipment and skate obstacles can be provided.

Click here for pricing. Individual lessons start from $50 per hour and discounts available for groups. 

Skate Now skateboarding Skate Now skateboarding

Skate Now skateboarding Skate Now skateboarding

KIDsize Living Review

This was fantastic - highly recommend. The kids absolutely loved it and learnt so many new tricks. They were complete beginners Jarvis aged 10, Jagger aged 9 and Kikki aged 5 - they all really enjoyed their hour session and learnt some cool new tricks;

- hippie jump

- crab walk

- tic tac

- pop shuvit

- body varial

They even went up and down a few ramps. From complete beginners to feeling confident and comfortable on the skateboard was amazing to see and they felt super chuffed with themselves.  

Skate Now skateboarding

The Skate Coaches, Danny and Claudia are fantastic - they are easy-going, friendly and encouraging. They found the kids strengths and worked with that. My kids absolutely loved it and had the best time. 

*Reviewed Sat 20 Aug 2016

Daniel Whittle 0410 545 157