Surry Hills Creative Precinct

Did you know that Surry Hills has more people making and creating within its boundaries than any other place in Australia?

This makes Surry Hills a fabulous destination to bring your kids. Think play; think design; think learning; think delightful discoveries upon your wanderings.

Surry Hills, NSW
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Throughout her streets at any time of the week, you will find creative and fun destinations: design and education shops; shade-covered parks; the famous Surry Hills Library with it’s school holiday program and many a child friendly cafe.

You will find bookshops on food, theatre, design and classics; beautifully landscaped mini gardens and some parks even with fountains and statues to dance around. And of course, Belvoir Theatre is renowned for bringing theatre to young eager minds; keep an eye for upcoming shows. Surry Hills is a box of chocolates of delight and play. Come on up!

‘The Surry Hills Creative Precinct’ is a growing group of businesses highlighting and exposing the creative vibrancy of Surry Hills. Most recently we partnered with the Surry Hills Festival to have it be the most visited festival to date. It’s what we do. We bring partners and businesses together to have passions and businesses flourish.

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Surry Hills, NSW