Tennis Quest at EQ Moore Park

Indoor Tennis lessons. Tennis Quest believe tennis is complex so kids need fun aids like projected targets, electronic scoring to make it more rewarding and fun. To help them develop basic control we offer them a simple structured pathway which offers amazing results from the ages of three. Indoor tennis cuts out wind, harmful UV rays and enables them to improve quicker. Our goal is to develop and stream kids so they play to the maximum of their ability. We also conduct speciality programs for poorly coordinated kids or kids with ADHD. 


At weekends Tennis Quest plays host to a great indoor birthday party for kids aged 3 - 10. Cost is $450 which includes a free food and drink package. If numbers over 20 we add a small surcharge.

Parents get exclusive use of our venue including disco room, free sports entertainer and Impact Wall game. Call Ronan on 0432 394 349 for more information. 


Are open every Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm all year long. Casual and long term bookings available from $65 per day. 

Tennis Quest at Moore Park


Tennis Quest was formed in 2014 to enable technology to transform tennis coaching in Australia. Formed by a business consortium, the prototype court in Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney opened in September 2015 and is the first modified indoor court to use Impact Wall, a video wall that uses hi tech projected targets that alter when struck by a ball. Our aim is to build more indoor courts that train kids quicker so they can make the most of outdoor courts.

We are currently looking at further innovation around ball feeders and robots to help kids get over the difficult beginners phase. We believe the  existing training modules in place across Australia fail to train kids properly or retain them after a term or two. The sport offers huge rewards for  teenagers who hit technically well but to get to this juncture is fraught with difficulty. By teaching kids from a younger age, they develop better swings and learn to focus for longer when playing. A second Tennis Quest court is about to begin in Hong Kong and we hope to announce more sites across Australia shortly. 

Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW
Location and Details
Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, NSW
Ring Ronan to discuss on 0432 394 349.