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Sydney's East Super Mums and Dads, Jessica Kiely, Co-Founder & Chief at Wanderess Beauty
We chat to local Jessica Kiely, Co-Founder & Chief at Wanderess Beauty about her thriving business and how it helps us go green.
Work With Us
There are many ways you can work with us, from starting a KIDsize Living in your area, to Marketing consulting to a more personal level through our feel great and radiate program!
The Importance of the Right School Shoes
Kids can walk up to 2,500km a year in their school shoes so it is really important to ensure they fit right and are comfortable.
Harry and SuperYam™ by Alla Novochenok-Serhan
SuperYam™ is one super cool dude whose mission is to fight childhood obesity in a fun and non-threatening way. A fun, colourful story book that inspires healthy eating.
PlayKids is a children’s entertainment platform packed with entertaining and age-appropriate videos, eBooks, nursery rhymes, games and lullabies specifically for children aged five and under.