Daisy Malone and the Blue Glowing Stone by James O'Loghlin

In his second novel for kids, James O'Loghlin has written a fantastic chapter book for the 7 to 12 year old set about a savvy kid Daisy Malone and her talking dog Ben!  It's a pacey, racey book that keeps you thinking and wondering what next for Daisy and Ben.  If you like irreverent references to boring old parents and the olden days stuff they are in to and Daisy's views on life and everything that makes for an exciting holiday, you'll love this book.  

Daisy must have a little of James' three daughters in her and Ben is based on their real life dog Monty.

I particularly liked this paragraph in James' acknowledgements at the back of the book.

"Daisy is driven by curiosity and so am I. Curiosity prompts us to try new things, and to find out how things happen, and why they happen.  When you hear your own curiosity speaking inside yourself, it's often a good idea to listen to it because it can take you to some wonderful and exciting places."

Highly recommended.

Daisy Malone