Damien Leith talks storytime for kids

We chat to Damien about his new storytime app and get all the ins and outs of how it came about and why he created it.

What is 'Damien Leith Storytime' app all about?

It's a collection of original stories that I've told my kids over the past 6 years. I would record them on my phone and when I was away on tour, I would send them to my wife, Eileen, so she could let them listen. My kids, Jarvis now 12, Jagger, 10 and Kikki, 6, would always ask my wife to tell them a story while they were in bed. She would grab a book and start to read and they would say, 'no mum - turn out the light and tell us a story with your mouth!'. So, Eileen was always delighted when she had a story I had sent to her phone and she could just press play. That's really how it all came about as we realised we had over 100 stories on my phone and we thought it would be really fun to share them with other families. 

Leith Family

Damien with wife, Eileen and kids, Jarvis, Kikki & Jagger.     

How does it work?

You simply download the app from the app store and open it on your phone, pick a story and press play! We put the phone up on a ledge near the kids bed and let them just lie back and listen. Let them use their imagination and get lost in the story. Every child takes the story to a different place which is amazing and it's so great for kids in this day and age with them having everything at their fingertips, now they can get back to basics and just enjoy a story without any visual stimulation. 

Damien Leith Storytime APP


What do your kids think about the app?

They love it and have even made some appearances on the stories; using their voices as some of the characters, especially as so many of them are similar to or related to things they were going through as they were growing up. They really were the inspiration and would chat about the stories the next day and tell me where or what they thought would happen in a story. 

Damien Leith Storytime APP

Damien's kids, Jarvis, Kikki & Jagger who feature on some of the stories.

Now tell us, what are three things you like to do with your kids at weekends?

My kids are mad into sports so its generally, athletics on Saturday and nippers on Sunday. We love going to the beach, heading to the park, going on adventures whether that's a bush walk or exploring a new area and of course when it's time to relax for bed, we love listening to a story or two! 

Damien Leith Storytime APP

Damien with his kids who love heading to the beach!

Download the app here.