Harry and SuperYam™ by Alla Novochenok-Serhan

"SuperYam™ is one super cool dude whose mission is to fight childhood obesity in a fun and non-threatening way.  Inspiring children to think about food choices, teaching them about where real food comes from and how food impacts on our health are some of the lessons SuperYam™ can share with you through his intergalactic adventures."

Little Harry is not feeling so great and Super Yam takes him on a wild ride in his carrot rocket to show Harry how much fun fruit and vegetables can be.

"A cluster of bananas were on a smoothie ride. Straight down a berry rainbow of a fruit salad slide."

Alla Novochenok-Serhan has created a funtastic character in this rhyming picture book, a superhero that encourages kids to look at fruit and vegetables as the super foods they are, important for growing, healthy bodies.  I loved the colourful illustrations and storyline that is a perfect adventure for little people.  There is even a great vege soup recipe at the end!

We highly recommend SuperYam™.

Alla has kindly offered all our readers a special price of $10.00 with free postage Australia wide. Enter codeword "kidsize". 

You can read more about Alla in our Sydney's East Super Mums and Dads interview here.